Premium Stainless Steel Screws

Premium Stainless Steel Screws

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Premium Stainless Steel
Part No Thread Head Length Finish
A815 1.4mm 2.0mm 8.0mm Silver
A816 1.6mm 2.0mm 8.0mm Silver
A820 1.4mm 2.0mm 3.0mm Silver
A821 1.4mm 2.4mm 10.5mm Silver
A822 1.27mm 2.0mm 5.3mm Silver
A823 1.27mm 2.4mm 8.8mm Silver
Hex Nut
A825 1.27mm - - Silver
A826 1.4mm - - Silver

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Image Product Name Price Qty
A815 Permium SS, Eyewire/Hinge, Silver, 1.4x2.0x8.0 mm, 100 pcs.
A816 Premium SS, Eyewire/Hinge, Silver, 1.6x2.0x8.0 mm, 100 pcs.
A820 Prremium SS, Hinge, Silver, 1.4x2.0x3.0 mm, 100 pcs.
A821 Premium SS, Hinge, Silver, 1.4x2.4x10.5 mm, 100 pcs.
A822 Premium SS, Hinge, Silver, 1.27x2.0x5.3 mm, 100 pcs.
A823 Premium SS, Hinge, silver, 1.2x2.4x8.8 mm, 100 pcs.
A825 Premium SS Hex Nut, Silver, 1.27mm US Thread, 100 pcs.
A826 Premium SS Hex Nut, Silver, 1.4mm US Thread, 100 pcs.
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Premium Stainless Steel Screws - Premium Stainless Steel
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